Slot Overview of “The Goonies 2”

Despite the decade’s mixed legacy in terms of fads, styles, and cultural artifacts, the 1980s were a golden age for cinema. Mikey, Chunk, Data, and Mouth appear in The Goonies, a cult favorite that follows their adventures as they try to save their families’ houses by following a map to local legend One-Eyed Willy’s treasure. The events that unfold are a feel-good narrative of bromance, brotherhood, first kisses, bonding, action, adventure, and good guys winning. Blueprint Gaming has taken a film that has endured the test of time and used it to great use on the reels.

The gang is back for more treasure hunting fun in The Goonies Return, a sequel that improves upon the original in every way. The Goonies Return is more immersed in the film than the original because of the addition of voiceovers and character animations. The primary gameplay still takes place against a blurred background of the classic treasure map and a grid of 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 paylines. Graphics-wise, things are a little clearer, but the real differences are in the details and the statistics. The most significant shift in the numbers is speculative, but we’ll get to that later. The return to player percentage (RTP) is a solid 96%, which is excellent for a branded slot, and the volatility is consistently in the medium to high range.

The character-heavy paytable may be played from 10 p/c to £/€100 each spin, with the four friends Mikey, Chunk, Mouth, and Data serving as the mid pay symbols, each earning up to 10-15x the stake. Five of a type of the skull and crossbones tile pays out at 25 times the wager, while the remaining pay symbols are made up of J’s through A’s. The wild doubloon appears on all reels and may substitute for any regular symbol. It has the same significance as the skull and crossbones and may be used in the same ways.

Slot Machine Adaptation of “The Goonies”

Seeing that there’s a lot to take in about The Goonies Return’s features, it’s fortunate that there won’t be a test. Completionists have their job cut out for them, since there are a total of 12 rounds to go through (6 x One-Eye Willy modifications and 6 bonus rounds).

Any standard spin can be affected by the One-Eyed Willy modifier. When this occurs, the player is given a total of 3 keys. Players can choose from the following effects modifications.

With the Truffle Shuffle Wilds feature, wild symbols appear on the reels at completely random. It’s possible to transform some into wild multipliers.

With Hidden Wealth, the middle reel will include a Mikey Wild, and all Goonies that appear throughout the spin have a chance of becoming wild.

W-invention Data uses his glove to hit the reels in coordination, causing up to five of them to show the identical symbols. Or, Data can supersize a symbol on up to 5 reels and enhance the visible symbols to boost payouts.

With Lucky Coins, unseen symbols are added to the reels, and when they win, they all transform into the same set of pay symbols. Occasionally, coins will show dollar signs. If that’s the case, you’ll get free spins until you get no more money symbols.

An increase in bonus symbols appears on the reels.

Win Spin ensures a high-paying spin every time.

There are more random modifiers that can transform a losing spin into a winning one, in addition to the previous six features:

The scythe spins the reels back to a winning position.

Winning occurs when one or more columns of symbols are removed by the incoming spikes.

Throwing dynamite onto the reels increases the payout.

A cave in can collapse, wiping off the visible symbols and triggering a fresh wave of them.

When you get three bonus symbols, you get to play the One-Eyed Willy Bonus game. In order to win one of the following, players must spin the bonus wheel:

In order to unlock the Booby Trap Bonus, players must turn a key, which can go either left or right. If it says “Cash,” the player receives a monetary bonus, “Collect” ends the feature, and “Bonus Feature” gives the name of another bonus game.

The Waterslide to Wealth Bonus entails completing stages and accumulating rewards of ever higher values. If the player presses “Collect” before the feature concludes, they will not advance to the Big Money Bonus Round.

When you trigger the Skeleton Organ Free Spins bonus, you’ll get 5 free games with stacked wilds and bonus symbols. Any landed Skeleton Organ symbols will remain in place for the remainder of the free games. When a particular symbol appears on the screen, players can expose it by selecting a key on the organ; that symbol will then be superimposed over all visible Skeleton Organ Symbols. Players select a gold doubloon at the end of the free spins round. This exposes an additional number of free spins, access to a different bonus feature, or the word “Collect,” which takes the player back to the main game.

Ten free spins are included in Fratelli’s Free Spins. When a Super Sloth Wild appears, it draws attention to its previous location. On the last free spin, the indicated places are filled with either cash or wild symbols. You win Momma Fratelli Money Spins if you get 5 or more cash symbols. When new money symbols appear, the feature begins again after three spins. After the round is over, the player has the option of picking one of three keys to either continue playing for free, unlock a new bonus feature, or cash out.

In the Final Voyage Free Spins bonus round, the Inferno Wild symbol covers a whole reel, beginning on the far left. After the initial spin, it shifts to the right by one reel, making the Data, Mouth, Chunk, and Mikey symbols wild on the second, third, and fourth spins, respectively. For the fifth and final turn, all characters will be wild. After that, there are 5 doubloons displayed. The ‘Collect’ button, revealed by selecting one, ends the feature, awards extra spins, or triggers the One-Eyed Willy Riches bonus.

Three free spins will get you started on the One-Eyed Willy Riches bonus, which is a hold and win type feature. When currency or character symbols land, the counter is reset, and the following occur:

Bet multipliers are represented by cash icons.

Mikey provides a bonus to the player’s final score.

One more round of respins is possible thanks to the data.

Chunk increases the worth of every other sign in the room.

Everything else in sight ends up in one’s mouth.

To the game board, One-Eyed Willy introduces a new column.

When a player uses Sloth, it restores the mana of any other character icon.

The feature gamble feature is one of the extras included for good measure. Players have the option to either collect or wager each feature win, with the exception of the One-Eyed Willy Riches. Better features or a Mystery Prize Win (a multiplier of the stake) can be won by gambling. The One-Eyed Willy Swap comes last. If you win 15 times your wager or more, you can choose to take your winnings or risk them to try to unlock a bonus round.

The Slot Review of “The Goonies 2”

The film’s ability to transport viewers into the lives of the Walsh kids and their pals, whether they’re lounging around the Walsh house or venturing into the sewers in search of One-Eyed Willy, is one of the film’s enduring strengths. Fans of all ages may relive their youth by watching this film. While The Goonies Return isn’t as enchanted as the first film, it makes up for its lack of enchantment with an abundance of goofy charm. I know Brand, Andy, and Stef were hoping to play, but they weren’t selected.

There are other optional additions. Even while this is to be expected from Blueprint whenever they go on a feature spree, the end result still leaves you feeling like you ate everything at an expensive buffet. If you’re lucky, this can result in a large number of additional repeat bonuses, especially if you manage to activate features from the conclusion of previous features. Streamers that try to display all a casino has to offer in a single film will have their job cut out for them. The good news is that the features are both useful and entertaining, providing opportunities for both small laughs and large payouts. The standard Blueprint Gaming win maximum of €/£250,000 applies to The Goonies Return as well. The xbet potential is uncertain, although it is probably between three and five thousand times. There are no complaints about the game’s potential after the outcomes from the One-Eyed Willy Riches Bonus.

The Goonie-ness has been turned up to eleven by Blueprint, and with all the extras they’ve included, you can’t help but strap up for the journey. Some players may have wanted a different reel/paying structure, and many of the elements have appeared in other games in other forms, but this shouldn’t deter aficionados. If you’re looking for a slot machine with a wide variety of features and a friendly, approachable cast, The Goonies Return is a great option.

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